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ammunition general 1942.pdf
Amunicja do karabinka ( karabina) mauser wz.98.pdf
Firearms - Dia - Dst-11606-514-81-Vol 1 - Small-Caliber Ammuntion Identification Guide - Volume 1 Small-Arms Cartridges Up To 15 Mm.pdf
FM 05-31 Booby Traps US Army.pdf
FM 21-76 Us Army - Manuale Di Sopravvivenza.pdf
FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle, Caliber.30, M1 (1940 With Changes).pdf
FM 23-65 Browning 50 Caliber Machine Gun.pdf
Fm 3-100.38 Uxo Multiservice Procedures For Unexploded Ordnance Operations.pdf
FM 4-110 Antiaircraft Artillery Gunnery, Fire Control, And Position Finding, Antiaircraft Guns (1940 With Changes).pdf
FM 4-126 Antiaircraft Artillery Service of the Piece 90-mm Antiaircraft Gun (1942).pdf
FM 4-130 Antiaircraft Artillery Service of the Piece 105mm Antiaircraft Gun (1940).pdf
FM 4-25 Seacoast Artillery Service of the Piece 155mm Gun (1940).pdf
FM 4-30.13 (Ammunition Handbook).pdf
FM 4-30.13 Ammunition Handbook- Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Munitions Handlers.pdf
Fm 4-35 Seacoast Artillery Service Of The Piece 14-Inch Gun, m1920 Mii On Railway Mount, m1920 (1940).pdf
Fm 4-45 Seacoast Artillery Service Of The Piece 12-Inch Gun, Railway Mount, m1918, Railway Artillery (1940 With Changes).pdf
Fm 4-50 Seacoast Artillery Service Of The Piece 8-Inch Gun, Railway Artillery (1940).pdf
FM 4-80 Seacoast Artillery Service of the Piece 12- and 14-inch Guns (Disappearing Carriage) (1940).pdf
FM 4-85 Seacoast Artillery Service of the Piece 16-inch Gun ans Howitzer (1940).pdf
FM 9-20 Ordnance Ammunition Company Ordnance Ammunition Battalion (1942).pdf
FM 9-207 - Ordnance Materiel in Cold Weather.pdf
TM 1-1520-253-10 - Technical manual UH-60Q helicopter.pdf
TM 31-210 - Improvised Munitions Handbook.PDF
TM 43-0001-28 - Army Ammunition Data Sheets, Artillery Ammunition, Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, Recoilless Rifles, Grenade Launchers and Artillery Fuzes.pdf
TM 43-0001-28-3 - Guns Howitzers and Mortars - Interoperable Ammunition.pdf
TM 43-0001-29 - Ammunition Data Sheets for Grenades.pdf
TM-43-0001-26-2 ChemWpMun.pdf
TM 43-0001-36 Army Ammunition Land Mines.pdf
Us Army - Fm 34-52 - Intelligence Interrogation.pdf
US Army - Army ammunition data sheets small arms ammo.pdf
US Army - Ammunition, General TM 9-1300-200.pdf
US Army - Rifle - Carbine M16 M4 M15.pdf
US Army - Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2-3, M16A4, and M4 Carbine FM 3-22.9.pdf
US Army German Winter Warfare (originale WWII).pdf
US Army course - MM0145 - Identification of Ammunition.pdf
Us Army Course - Identifying Ammunition Mm2598.pdf
US Army Military History Unit - (originale WWII) - The German Motorized Infantry Regiment.pdf
US Army course - Identification of Ammunition MM0145.pdf
Us Army Counter Sniper Guide Paladin Press - manuale contro-sniperaggio.pdf
US Army Engineering and Design Manual - Ordnance and Explosives Response.pdf
Us Army Course - Interpreting Ammunition Markings And Color Codes Mm2597.pdf
US ARMY MM 2598 course - Identifying Ammunition MM2598.pdf
WWII Nazi Technology - Germany's Secret Weapons in World War II - German Military Ships And Rocket Sciences.pdf